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Password Protect Folders  v.1.0

Password Protect Folders is security software that lets you keep your documents away from prying eyes. It is convenient that the program integrates with Windows Explorer and lets you lock folders via a right click.

Deep Lock

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Password Protect 3.4  v.3 4

Privacy, security and confidence. That's what you get when you install Password Protect. The program protects your confidential information against ending up in the wrong hands. You can protect folders on your hard drive, USB and flash,

Hide Folders 2009  v.3.0

This great, easy-in-use utility effectively restricts access to files and folders on your computer. If you want to hide your files from other users or protect folders from being modified,

Password Shared Folder  v.4.65

Password Protect Shared Folder is designed for for corporate usage, help you to protect sharing folders on your network and on removable device.

Folder Password Expert USB

Folder Password Expert USB is security software designed to protect your folders against unwanted access to their contents. You can install the program on your PC, laptop, flash drive, USB external or removable drives. You can also protect folders on your

Data Protecto  v.2.1.2

Data Protecto, the World's Best File Encryption & Security Software with Secure Online Cloud Storage & Encrypted File Sharing, Password Protect Folders & much more. FREE Download!

Folder Password Expert  v.

Protect any sensitive data from snoopers safely and fast! Folder Password Expert is a powerful software which will allow to hide and protect folders by setting passwords.

Folder Security  v.

Folder Security can protect folders in the computer using passwords. The program is easy to use. To encrypt a folder, simply click Lock Folders, browse for the folder in question, enter your desired password and the folder becomes encrypted.

Folder Security 2.6  v.2 6

Folder Security is a software program designed to password-protect folders. It lets you prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering your confidential documents. Folders remain protected should your PC be rebooted into Windows Safe Mode or DOS.

Folder Security Guard  v.

Folder Security Guard allow You safe protect folders and data inside folders on your drives. You can hide folders completely making it invisible and inaccessible for people using your computer.

I_Folder_Locker  v.1.2

Lock and protect your folders.I_Folder_Locker is a fast folder locking program that can password protect folders, encrypt or lock files, protect USB Drives. The software supports all flavors of Windows such as Windows 7, Vista,

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